Loki Is Finally Coming to Fortnite

Loki Is Finally Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite already has a ton of superheroes and supervillains in it from across the Marvel and DC pantheon so it’s only natural that Loki joins the fray during the run of his Disney+ series. Epic announced that the God of Mischief is coming to the battle royale on July 1 as a part of the July Crew Pack.

The Fortnite Twitter account gave a pretty direct teaser of the trickster as it showed his iconic horns in conjunction with the Avengers logo. There were more subtle teases and possible hints, as some tried to point to coincidental dates for evidence of his arrival while others spotted him in some of the Season 7 loading screens. However, Epic has only given the above teaser and chosen to only show his horns as of now so we will have to wait to see a full render.

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Epic did not say what would be in the July Crew Pack or if it directly relate to the Loki series on Disney+. A “Variant” coat or anything involving the TVA would make for some easy timely cosmetics. Crew Packs are another way to get cosmetics as they contain exclusive items for $11.99 a month. These subscription packs also contain 1,000 V-Bucks, the current battle pass, and an exclusive item bundle with an outfit that comes with at least one matching glider, pickaxe, or emote.

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