Yooka-Laylee Card Game Coming Next Week via Limited Run

Playtonic Games have confirmed that they’ve put the finishing touches on a new title in the Yooka-Laylee series.

However, you’ll need to pull up a couple of chairs and throw everything off the coffee table to be able to play this one, as it’s a card game for two to four players. Forming part of Limited Run’s “Game Decks” series, the new deck will challenge players to use your quills to buy powerups to give yourself a boost over your opponents. Owners will also be able to combine the new game with other Game Decks titles such as Mutant Mudds.

Being from Limited Run, you would expect extras to be on the…cards…and they haven’t disappointed. As well as being available in just a standard set, a limited Gold Edition will be available, which will have a gold foil-stamped cover and exclusive player pieces, dice, and a cover card. A Special Edition will also be available that comes with a new soundtrack written specifically for the game. Naturally, you’ll have to buy both sets to get everything. Sigh.

The Yooka-Laylee card game will be available for preorder over on Limited Run’s site from June 29.


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