Bright Memory: Infinite Trailer Showcases Hardcore Gun-Fu

When the Xbox Series consoles launched late in 2020, one of the most intriguing launch titles available on day one was Bright Memory. Created by a single developer by the name of FYQD Studio, the game was a budget-priced, visually compelling hors d’oeuvre for a full game by the name of Bright Memory: Infinite.

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While that initial taster didn’t necessarily set the world of review scores alight, it looks as though the final product is shaping up to attempt to change that. Showcasing a combination of swordplay and what the publishing team calls “gun-fu” (alright, we’ll allow it) the new trailer shows more of those shiny rain-soaked visuals, a car chase scene or two, and a big ol’ enemy that looks like it’ll be an absolute bear to defeat.

Bright Memory Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC, with PC users benefitting from NVIDIA RTX features such as ray-traced reflections and DLSS.

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Bright Memory Infinite will be published by PLAYISM and will launch on Xbox Series S/X and PC later in 2021.


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