Rumor: Guardians of the Galaxy Game Will Be Shown Next Week


Rumor: Guardians of the Galaxy Game Will Be Shown Next Week

The admittedly vague E3 2021 schedule may have revealed when Square Enix was having its press conference, but it sounds like we might now know part of what will be in it, too. According to a few different reports, Square Enix will be unveiling Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game. This will allegedly be the Eidos Montreal “world premiere” from Square Enix’s tweet.

There are a few different rumors pointing to this mystery title being Guardians of the Galaxy. Square and Marvel inked a “multi-year, multi-game” deal in January 2017. Kotaku claimed shortly after that announcement that Eidos Montreal was developing a Guardians of the Galaxy game, something that corroborated a Eurogamer report from around the same time. Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers was the first game in that partnership and “multi-game” means that more than one is on the way. Reporter Jeff Grubb also threw weight behind the report last week by also confirming the Guardians of the Galaxy game’s existence as well.

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Eidos Montreal has also been quiet since early 2017 when the last expansion for 2016’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided released. According to those very same reports, the stealth immersive sim, while critically acclaimed, did not meet Square’s expectations. Not only was Mankind Divided‘s story originally scaled back, its sequel was also allegedly canceled. The Marvel deal was perfectly timed to fill the Deus Ex-shaped void in Eidos Montreal. Neither Square Enix nor Eidos Montreal have commented on these rumors.

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This would not be the first Guardians of the Galaxy game though. Telltale Games released an episodic adventure game based on the characters throughout 2017, as shown by the above screen shot. However, it didn’t do much else to stand out since it received fairly average reviews and came out around the time people were growing tired of Telltale’s formula.