Square Enix Announces Six New Dragon Quest Games


Dragon Quest games 35th

Dragon Quest fans will have a lot to look forward to as Square Enix announced six Dragon Quest games during its 35th anniversary special including the next core role-playing game in the beloved series.

The biggest announcement was a new mainline entry called Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. Series creator Yuji Horii says the game will be more adult-focused and that players will be making decisions that impact progression. Combat changes are also being made and a worldwide simultaneous release is planned, but no platforms or date has been announced.

Below you’ll find the announcement video for Dragon Quest XII:

One of the most exciting announcements is that a Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake is in the works that will update the beloved 1988 role-playing game. The remake is produced by Masaaki Hayasaka, who worked on Octopath Traveler. The game uses the same style as Octopath Traveler, dubbed “HD-2D,” which combines pixel art with 3D effects. It looks gorgeous and will receive a simultaneous worldwide release.

Check out the  Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake trailer below:

Also announced was Dragon Quest Treasures, which sees Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI taking center stage. It focuses on the pair’s childhood and is described as a non-traditional RPG. It will get a worldwide release, but no platform or timeframe has been announced just yet. Additionally, a mobile puzzle game called Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi will launch later this year for free.

Sadly, not all of the new games will get worldwide releases, at least not yet. This includes Version 6 of Dragon Quest X, which is the series’ MMORPG. The update will release later this year but only in Japan. Finally, an offline version of Dragon Quest X is on the way, which uses a top-down perspective to tell the game’s story.

Check out the full Dragon Quest 35th anniversary special below: