Report: PS Plus June 2021 Free Games Include New Virtua Fighter 5 Port


virtua fighter 5 ps plus june 2021 free games

UPDATE: Sega has officially announced a PlayStation 4 version of Virtua Fighter: Ultimate Showdown, which is releasing June 1. That certainly lends credence to the rumor.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown will launch worldwide as a PlayStation 4 digital exclusive. Remade for a new generation of fighting game fans as part of Sega’s 60th Anniversary project, the definitive edition of the fifth installment in Sega’s iconic Virtua Fighter series enters the ring on June 1, 2021.”

It’s almost June, and Sony is getting their ducks in a row with regards to their PlayStation Plus offerings for the month.

According to a report from Spanish site Areajugones, Virtua Fighter: Ultimate Showdown looks likely to be one of the PS Plus June 2021 free games included in the batch. Previously, the game launched for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so this would mark the first time the game has been available in a native format for either the PlayStation 4 or 5.

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A recent leak gave away that Sega is working on a “Virtua Fighter x esports” title that is suspected to launch in the not-too-distant future. Getting the franchise back into people’s consciousness by giving a previous version away seems like a no-brainer.

More will be revealed about the new esports title in a live stream on May 27, so the timing certainly works out.

Aside from Virtua Fighter, the rumor mill suggests that EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons will be getting into formation as part of the PS Plus June 2021 free games lineup, alongside the spy adventure Operation Tango.

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We’ll await official confirmation of all of this, but if the rumors are true, you’ll be able to get back into the arena and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Wolf and Jeffry from June 1.