Halo Infinite Announces Full Cross-Play Between PC and Xbox

Microsoft has confirmed that this fall’s biggest Xbox title will be just as big for gamers on PC. Halo Infinite, the long-awaited next title in the saga of Master Chief, will release simultaneously on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. Announced as part of a bigger message about the company’s dedication to PC gaming, the company has announced that Halo players will be able to play together no matter what hardware they’re using for the first time in series history.

Not only will players be able to hit up their friends for the Halo Infinite equivalent of Snipers on Hang ’em High at their convenience, but they’ll also be able to keep their cosmetic unlocks consistent between platforms. The game is already known to support Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning that owners on the Xbox will have the PC version ready to go at their convenience. Now, players can start the campaign on the couch and then pick it back up on a PC if their significant other wants to catch up on their soaps.

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Fans have been waiting for more news about Halo Infinite for a good while, and they likely have at least a month’s more wait ahead of them. The game, which was originally intended to release alongside the Xbox Series X back in November, will almost certainly have a re-reveal over the summer adjacent to this year’s E3 festivities. Until then, the game is most certainly under wraps and going through another run of graphical polish.

Halo has always been one of Xbox’s top franchises, but its history on PC is more spotty. The original game and Halo 2 got late ports by outside companies, and then the series didn’t hit the keyboard and mouse crowd again until the recent release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Developer 343 Industries spend the better part of last year rereleasing every game in the series (except Halo 5). Now players on Steam and the Microsoft Store can partake in the multiplayer action the series is known for.

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