Magic: The Gathering Previews Zendikar Rising at [email protected]


Magic: The Gathering Previews Zendikar Rising at Comic-Con@Home

Magic: The Gathering Previews Zendikar Rising at [email protected]

Magic: The Gathering’s head designer, Mark Rosewater, revealed an exciting first look at the hotly anticipated Zendikar Rising set during his [email protected] panel today. Releasing first on Magic: The Gathering Arena on September 17 and September 25 for tabletop, Mark previewed a brand-new type of booster pack designed for people who love the booster opening experience – the Set Booster – and gave fans a sneak peek at “The List.” Check out more images in the gallery below along with the full panel!

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Set Boosters will spark more joy upon opening than traditional booster packs with 14 cards total – 12 Magic cards, plus an art card, (which has a low chance of being stamped with a golden artist signature) and a card that could be either a token card, an ad card, or a card from The List. Each Set Booster is guaranteed to include a foil and rare or mythic. Set Boosters are designed to provide a broad view of the set’s themes, story, and flavor from pack to pack.

Set Boosters are a brand-new type of booster pack, joining the existing booster line-up that players are already familiar with:
Draft Booster: These boosters are meant for play! The go-to booster pack for booster draft and sealed deck.
Theme Booster: These boosters are meant to kick-start a collection based on themes players enjoy. A Theme Booster emphasizes the unique and flavorful aspects, or gameplay mechanics, of a set. Themes will differ from set to set.
Collector Booster: These boosters are the best way to get special, alternative, and foil cards. Filled with premium foil and alternative versions of cards found in the main set.

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One in four Set Boosters contains a card from “The List,” a curated list of 300 cards from Magic’s rich history. The List cards are chosen for being fun and representative of all the old and exciting mechanics of Magic’s past. Cards from the list will include the Planeswalker symbol (similar to cards printed in Mystery Booster) but retain the set symbol of the original printing. Mark revealed today 3 of those fan-favorite cards:
Cloudgoat Ranger, Pact of Negation, and Muscle Sliver.