Thanos Pays a Visit to The Simpsons in Their Opening Credits


Thanos pays a visit to The Simpsons

Thanos pays a visit to The Simpsons in their opening credits

The opening couch gags on The Simpsons have been a trademark of the show since its first season back in 1989, providing a one-off, irreverent gag before settling into its half-hour of family mayhem. In the 12th episode of the most recent season, titled “The Girl on the Bus,” Homer, Bart, and the rest of the Simpson family descend on their living room to find Thanos being something of a couch hog. After Maggie gives The Mad Titan her pacifier, we see a bit of a replay from what happened in last year’s Avengers: Infinity War. You can check out the video in the post below!

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FOX debuted the show’s record 30th season on Sunday, September 30th, with the premiere episode featuring Amy Schumer as the featured guest voice. While it’s already the longest-running scripted series in television history, it’s all but certain that the quintessential American family won’t be leaving the airwaves anytime soon. And you know what that means: there will be plenty of couch gags for years to come.

You can catch The Simpsons every Sunday night of FOX.