Bare Chested Ian Malcolm is the Limited Edition Collectible We Needed


Bare chested Ian Malcolm is the limited edition collectible we needed

You hear that? No, it’s not the soft thumping of an approaching T-Rex, it’s a new batch of Jurassic Park collectables featuring … Ian Malcom? The folks over at Bloody Disgusting (via Toy Ark) revealed that Chronicle Collectibles has opened up pre-orders for two of their newest Jurassic Park collectibles, namely a 1:9 scale T-Rex and a 1:4 model of Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm in his now-famous bare-chested pose. Check them out in the gallery below!

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The Rex statue, titled “T.Rex in the Rotunda,” is the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex on the market beyond the company’s 1:5 full model. Crafted in Polyresin, and featuring the “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” banner from the climatic finale of Steven Spielberg’s classic film, the statue stands approximately 22 inches tall and stands on a 22.5 inch diameter base.

“Capturing the climatic finale in statue form of the T-Rex making her final appearance in the original Jurassic Park is a watershed moment for us with this license,” said Paul Francis, Creative Director at Chronicle Collectables.

However, the jewel of this particular set has to be the limited edition model of Ian Malcolm. Based on the now-classic meme, the statue sports Goldblum’s likeness, and features enough, ah, detail to make any collector swoon. The figure is likewise crafted from Polyresin and stands approximately 10 inches tall on an 18 inch diameter base.

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“Taking what has now become an iconic image of not just Jurassic Park but of Jeff Goldblum himself and turning into a statue was a really fun project for us. We’re so thrilled to debut this piece at NYCC and make it available for order during the show,” said Francis.

While these limited edition statues are pretty awesome, they don’t come cheap. The T-Rex runs $1,349.99 while Malcolm will cost collectors $599.99. Both are eligible for payment plans.