The Force Awakens Gets a Star Wars/Disney Mashup!


The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets a Disney make-over!

We have a lot of Walt Disney Animation fanatics among the ranks of our readership, but who among you has ever fantasized that R2-D2 was actually Olaf from Frozen, or Daisy Ridley’s new character Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was actually Alice from 1951’s Alice in Wonderland? Well wonder no more, as the mashup kings at PistolShrimps have created an amazing hybrid in the form of the video below, so check it out!

We don’t want to spoil all the cameos, but expect to see dozens of your favorite animated characters from Disney classics like Robin Hood, Pinocchio, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, The Lion King and more! Also, the inevitable James Earl Jones Mufasa/Darth Vader mix is right there in the video, waiting for you to click on it… you know you want to!

Meanwhile, the actual movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and features a new generation of swashbuckling heroes and shadowy villains, as well as the return of fan-favorite smugglers, princesses, and Jedi.

The highly-anticipated film stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Max von Sydow, Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Anderson, Christina Chong and Miltos Yerolemou. It opens everywhere December 18, 2015.

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