Key & Peele Show You How Gremlins 2 Was Written

Key & Peele’s hilarious sketch about the creative process on Gremlins 2

Gremlins 2 is one of the all-time great sequels because it was one of the first legitimate franchises to take things to a truly meta level of self parody. It’s a sequel about how there shouldn’t be a sequel to Gremlins, and yet when it came out, many were baffled by the Looney Tunes-inspired humor of it. Now “Key & Peele” have taken it to a whole other level by imagining what the brainstorming session for Gremlins 2 must have been like, and the result may be one of the best movie-related sketches we’ve ever seen.

Jordan Peele plays Star Magic Jackson Jr., “The Hollywood Sequel Doctor,” who seems to be a cross between Bruce Vilanche and Meshach Taylor’s character Hollywood from the Mannequin movies. He manages to turn a sober writers room into full-on creative bedlam. Check it out below!

 Even the film’s director, Joe Dante (as played to visual perfection by Keegan-Michael Key) seems in on the joke, as evidenced by this Tweet:

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