New Details on the Frozen Ever After Ride Revealed

New Details on the Frozen Ever After Ride Revealed.

New details on the Frozen Ever After ride

New details were released at D23 Expo this weekend on the Frozen Ever After ride and neighboring Royal Summerhus that are currently being constructed at Epcot.

According to Disney Parks, the attraction will transport guests to Arendelle just in time for the “Winter in Summer” celebration. The attraction’s project team is currently partnering with many of the talented individuals at Walt Disney Animation who helped bring the original Frozen movie to life, as well as award-winning composers Bobby and Kristen-Anderson Lopez.

The Frozen Ever After ride begins while visitors are still waiting in line as they walk by Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, in which an animatronic Oaken clears steam on the windows and yells “yoo-hoo!” to people walking by. Once onboard log transports, riders will see snowman Olaf and reindeer sidekick Sven at the Winter Festival, then to Troll Valley where Grandpappy Troll tells the story of how Anna and Kristof met, then up a ramp where Olaf sings a song while ice skating with Anna and Kristof and their friend Sven. A set of doors will open next to Elsa on her ice castle balcony singing “Let It Go” with simulated snow crystals around the room. Visitors are also transported past Marshmallow, the giant snowman and the Snowgies (from the short film Frozen Fever) before the log finally travels through mist towards a fireworks display and a wave from Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristof.

“We’re also expanding the Norway pavilion with the addition of the Royal Summerhus – a charming cabin where guests will be able to meet Anna and Elsa,” Portfolio Creative Executive Kathy Mangum said. “This cabin is based on an actual historic log cabin in Norway. In fact, in order to make sure we get the character and detailing right, we just sent our project team to Norway on a research trip to study the country and its cultural arts and crafts in person, just as the film team did.

“We’re confident that this attraction will bring more guests to the Norway pavilion and increase their interest and knowledge of Scandinavian culture, just as the World Showcase was intended to do.”

The Frozen Ever After ride is slated to debut at Walt Disney World Resort in 2016. Disney Imagineers will dismante the 27-year-old “Maelstrom” ride at Epcot’s Norway pavilion to make way for the attraction, which will follow the same path as the previous ride with all-new surroundings.

“What we try to do is take you back to the movie without retelling that story,” said Mangum. “This is a celebration of the characters, a way for guests who love the film to experience it in a completely different way.”


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