WizKids Reveals Halo Action Clix!

The hype machine for the launch of Microsoft’s “Halo 3” video game kicked up a notch at San Diego Comic-Con with the official unveiling of the new Halo Action Clix miniatures game by WizKids. The company dropped curtain on the first piece for its planned 90-piece initial series of the strategy game covering the entire Halo universe – the massive Scarab from the upcoming “Halo 3” game. A limited number of Battle-damaged Scarabs were available at the Con, but due to the size WizKids elected to sell at the show, but ship the product directly to the buyer’s home.

The Halo Action Clix is set to launch in September, just prior to the release of the video game slated for the 25th. The game will be available for purchase at Target stores, GameStop and local comic shops across the US. Gamers that preorder the video game at Target will receive an exclusive two-piece Halo Action Clix blister pack.


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