The Joker Origins and Evolutions

The Joker Origins and Evolutions takes a look at the history of the character

The Clown Prince of Crime, an agent of chaos, Mr. J… the biggest bad of all comic book history has many names, but he’s just The Joker to those of us wise enough to fear him.

What makes The Joker so interesting in the grand scheme of comic book history is his longstanding ability to reshape himself as a villain with the times, not only in physical terms but in the types of crimes he commits. From simple trickster to supernatural force of evil, there’s really no stopping him.

Starting with his first appearance in Batman #1 all the way back in 1940 (with a quick trip even further back) and going through the major incarnations of the character and where we’ll be seeing him in the future, you can read our latest entry in the Origins and Evolutions series all about The Joker below!