You Again (Blu-ray)


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Rating: PG

Kristen Bell as Marnie
Jamie Lee Curtis as Gail
Sigourney Weaver as Ramona
Odette Yustman as Joanna
Victor Garber as Mark
Betty White as Grandma Bunny
James Wolk as Will
Kristin Chenoweth as Georgia
Sean Wing as Charlie
Kyle Bornheimer as Tim
Billy Unger as Ben
Christine Lakin as Taylor
Meagan Holder as Kendall
Patrick Duffy as Richie
Anna A. White as LouAnne

Directed by Andy Fickman

Special Features:
• Following Fickman: On Set With The Director – Peer into the madcap mind of Hollywood’s wackiest director, Andy Fickman, as he orchestrates the comedy of Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis and Betty White.
• Ask The Cast – Jamie Lee Curtis, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, and Kristen Bell answer questions from fans. Betty’s advice might not be what you expect
• Funny Or Die – In this behind-the-scenes interview spoof, Jaime Lee Curtis, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman and Kristen Bell discuss the movie when things get tense between the actresses eventually boiling over into a cast fight.
• 3 deleted scenes with commentary
o Sharing A Room
o Photo Album Memories
o Riding The Silk

Blu-ray Combo Pack (ALL DVD bonus, plus):
• Blooper Dance Party – On-set antics abound as the cast dances to their own beat.
• Additional deleted scenes with commentary
o Good Morning Sunshine
o Grandma Bunny’s House (with Betty White)
o Meet Georgia King (with Betty White)
o Gail’s Shower/Ramona’s Dress
o The Compost Heap (with Betty White)
o Covered In Lard (with Betty White)
o Bridal Shower (with Betty White)
o After The Fiasco

Other Info:
Widescreen (2.40:1)
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Sound
Spanish and French Languages
Spanish and French Subtitles
Running Time: 105 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“‘You Again,’ the nonstop laugh fest, is pure fun that features an all-star cast with comedy pedigrees – including Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis and the always outrageous Betty White. For Marnie (Bell), high school was a horror movie, and her brother’s wedding is the sequel when her archrival comes back to haunt her as his bride. It’s nice girl versus mean girl in this hysterical reunion with the one person Marnie would really like to forget. And if that weren’t enough, Marnie’s mom (Curtis) reunites with her own high school nemesis (Weaver). Complete with hilarious, never-before-seen bonus material, ‘You Again’ is one crazy comedy that’ll keep you laughing again and again.”

“You Again” is rated PG for brief mild language and rude behavior.

The Movie:
As far as light entertainment goes, “You Again” fits the bill. It’s mildly amusing, features a fun cast, doesn’t require much thought, and is identifiable to everyone. If you’re looking for a few laughs, this is worth checking out.

Everyone had a nemesis in high school and this movie takes full advantage of that idea. We get to see a nightmare scenario unfold where that nemesis is on the verge of becoming family. Marnie was the nerd who was picked on by Joanna, the most popular girl in school. We see Marnie as a successful businesswoman later in life, but when Joanna enters the picture, all of those bad high school memories resurface. Anyone who was considered the geek in school will identify with Marnie’s plight. At the same time, “You Again” makes an effort to present things from Joanna’s perspective, too. After high school she had a life changing experience that turned her for the better. It rightly shows that not everyone is the same person they were in high school. So “You Again” is fun to watch because it explores that age-old battle between the cool and the uncool from a different perspective.

But the real reason “You Again” is entertaining is because of the cast. I’m a big fan of Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver, so it’s a lot of fun seeing them do battle with each other in this comedy. A lot of people forget just how good Weaver is at comedy and this is a good reminder. (There’s even a funny “Avatar” reference where the little brother says she looks computer generated.) Kristen Bell also makes a great ‘everywoman’ as Marnie. She proves yet again that she knows how to handle comedy and she has a good rivalry with Odette Yustman as Joanna. Yustman has the difficult task of playing the villain while, at the same time, making it believable that Marnie’s brother could love her. Throw in Betty White, Victor Garber, Patrick Duffy, and Kristin Chenoweth into the mix and you have a really fun cast. Also look for a couple of fun surprise cameos.

On the negative side, the final resolution isn’t entirely believable. Little things that Joanna does here and there along the way make her actions in the finale a bit less believable. I can’t get into specifics without discussing spoilers. I also think Marnie is also pretty unfairly treated in the finale considering what all she endured in high school. All that being said, the point of this film isn’t realism.

I think this is a film that mothers and daughters can enjoy together. There aren’t many PG films that can entertain multiple generations. And if you were treated badly in school, you’ll enjoy “You Again” on another level from other viewers. But if you’re looking for an edgier comedy, this isn’t it.

The Extras:
You’ll find a modest selection of bonus features on the Blu-ray, but they’re entertaining. Most noteworthy is an amusing “Funny or Die” skit featuring all of the lead actresses (except Jamie Lee Curtis). In it, a catfight breaks out during an interview. At one point Weaver debates who the biggest actress is in the film and starts rattling off all of her box office hits. (“Avatar! Aliens! Ghostbusters!”) Also amusing is a featurette entitled “Following Fickman: On Set With The Director.” You get a look at Andy Fickman and see what a light, fun-filled set he maintains. Also included are some bloopers, deleted scenes, and a brief ‘Ask The Cast’ segment.