The Fourth Kind (Blu-ray)


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Rating: PG-13

Milla Jovovich as Dr. Abbey Tyler
Elias Koteas as Dr. Campos
Will Patton as Sherriff August
Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Dr. Alolowa
Enzo Cilenti as Scott Stracinsky
Mia McKenna-Bruce as Ashley Tyler
Abbey Tyler as Herself
Olatunde Osunsanmi as Himself

Directed by Olatunde Osansanmi

Special Features:
Deleted Scenes
DBox Motion Enabled
Blu-ray Live Enabled

Other Info:
Widescreen (2.35:1)
Spanish and French Subtitles
Spanish and French Language
Running Time: 98 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“In remote Alaska, citizens have been mysteriously vanishing since the 1960s. Despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth behind the phenomena had never been discovered – until now.

While videotaping therapy sessions with traumatized patients, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) unwittingly exposes terrifying revelations of multiple victims whose claims of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details.

Based on actual case studies, ‘The Fourth Kind’ uses Dr. Tyler’s never-before-seen archival footage alongside dramatic reenactments to present the most disturbing evidence ever documented in this provocative thriller.”

“The Fourth Kind” is rated PG-13 for violent/disturbing images, some terror, thematic elements and brief sexuality.

With all the hype and good reviews surrounding “The Fourth Kind,” I was looking forward to checking it out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that pleased with the final product.

“The Fourth Kind” is more of a psychological drama than an alien movie. Most of the film is played out in psychiatrist’s offices during hypnotism sessions. This is a movie that could almost be performed on a stage since the characters are simply sitting around and talking almost the entire time. If you went into this movie for the alien aspect, you’re out of luck. You don’t ever really see any aliens.

“The Fourth Kind” is also kind of the alien kidnapping version of “Paranormal Activity” or “The Blair Witch Project.” The movie goes out of its way to convince the audience that it’s watching actual documentary footage. The more authentic the footage feels, the more scary it’s supposed to be. “The Fourth Kind” takes this to the extreme by having Milla Jovovich introduce the movie saying it’s all real and by showing “real footage” and “recreated footage” of the same scenes. If you look at the comments section of any page devoted to this movie, you’ll see it worked to some degree because there’s people that believe it’s real (Movies never lie, right?). But for me it had absolutely no impact. I had no sense of authenticity with it despite their efforts.

Overall I just found “The Fourth Kind” to be dull. I’ve never been intrigued by people that thought they had been kidnapped by aliens, and the psychoanalysis of them is even less interesting to me. I personally think your time is better spent watching “Fire in the Sky” or “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” if you want a UFO fix.

On the Blu-ray, the only notable bonus feature is the deleted scenes. There are quite a few of them, but nothing particularly noteworthy. It’s more sessions with the psychiatrist and interrogation of Dr. Abigail Tyler by the police.

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