Lost: The Complete Fifth Season – The Journey Back Expanded Edition

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Rating: TV-14


Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah

Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday

Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus

Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard

Jorge Garcia as Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes

Josh Holloway as James ‘Sawyer’ Ford

Daniel Dae Kim as Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon

Ken Leung as Miles Straume

Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen

Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke

Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace

Terry O’Quinn as John Locke

Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson

Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler

Blake Bashoff as Karl

L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Henderson

Michael Cudlitz as Mike Walton

Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau

Tania Raymonde as Alex

Lance Reddick as Matthew Abaddon

Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski

Special Features:

Lost On Location – Get The Inside Stories From The Cast And Crew

Building 23 & Beyond – Join Michael Emerson As He Infiltrates The Secret Lost Offices To Meet The Team Who Is Behind The Show’s Real Mysteries

An Epic Day With Richard Alpert – Follow Nestor Carbonell Across The Island On The Intense Last Day Of The Season’s Finale

Making Up For Lost Time – An Interesting And Humorous Look At How The Producers, Writers And Cast Sort Out The Survivors’ Leaps Through Time

Mysteries Of The Universe: The DHARMA Initiative – The Recently Unearthed And Complete Expose Questioning The Truth Of The DHARMA Initiative

Lost Bloopers

Deleted Scenes

Audio Commentaries

Other Info:

Widescreen (1.78:1)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

French and Spanish Language Tracks

French and Spanish Subtitles

Running Time: 731 Minutes


The following is from the official DVD description:

“The epic story of ‘Lost’ twists, turns and time-shifts in its outstanding fifth season. Packed with bonus material, including a revealing interview with the cast and an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature, ‘Lost’ is better than ever on DVD.

When destiny calls, the Oceanic 6 find their way back to the island. Discover what forced them to return, and find out the fate of all those who were left behind.

The answers to some of ‘Lost’s’ most pressing questions are revealed in this spectacular 5-disc collection, complete with deleted scenes an an incredible vault of exclusive bonus features. The show that revolutionized primetime proves once again why it is television’s most addictive and creative series.

“Lost: The Complete Fifth Season – The Journey Back Expanded Edition” is rated TV-14.


Being a big “Lost” fan, I felt the series really got back on track with this season. With Season 6 being the definitive end of the show, I think the storytelling got more cohesive and the twists and turns much more aimed at the final ending.

This time around the Oceanic 6 make their way back to the island in an effort to rescue their fellow passengers. It gave us an interesting look at our heroes in the ‘real’ world and their inability to fit back into their regular routines. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes find themselves hopping through time and experiencing the island in a variety of time periods. It is essentially a series of flashbacks for the island itself. Seeing “The Others” befuddled for once was a nice twist. Also seeing our heroes eventually settling into the 1970s Dharma compound was a great way to liven up the story. Sawyer as a respectable head of security for Dharma was a twist I don’t think anybody saw coming.

With a bunch of mysteries answered, a bunch of new mysteries generated, and an engaging story throwing our heroes into new situations, this was a much needed revitalization of the series before its big finale.

I’m not sure why this DVD set is called “Expanded Edition,” because it doesn’t seem to be any different from the previous season sets. You get the original 16 episodes plus a batch of bonus features. Here’s what you’ll find:

Lost On Location – This is a series of featurettes showing the cast and crew shooting at various Hawaiian locations. We see an ocean scene actually shot in a swimming pool at night. We see “Frogurt” getting shot with an arrow and set on fire. We see Locke’s car accident in a expertly choreographed stunt scene. Overall it’s a great peek at the making of the episodes.

Building 23 & Beyond – Michael Emerson gives us a tour of the writer’s offices at the Disney lot in Burbank, CA. We see a ton of the writers and assistants, as well as the room where they plot out all the episodes for the season. And yes, a lot of stuff is blurred out in the background. It’s a funny look at the unsung heroes from the show.

An Epic Day With Richard Alpert – Nestor Carbonell allows us to tag along during the shooting of the final episode of the show. We see him going through wardrobe, shooting scenes, and joking with the cast and crew. But most notably he shows he doesn’t really wear eyeliner in the series. Another “Lost” mystery is solved.

Making Up For “Lost” Time – This featurette shows how the continuity from the scripts is tracked and how they must age similar sets to show them from various eras.

Mysteries Of The Universe: The DHARMA Initiative – This is a fake episode of a “In Search Of” like episode. It shows investigations into a mysterious organization named Dhamra. It is an incredibly detailed featurette and will have even the most savvy fan wondering if it was a real TV series.

Rounding out the bonus features are “Lost” Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, and Audio Commentaries.


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