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Rating: R

Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger
Michael Peña as Nick Memphis
Danny Glover as Colonel Isaac Johnson
Kate Mara as Sarah Fenn
Elias Koteas as Jack Payne
Rhona Mitra as Alourdes Galindo
Ned Beatty as Senator Charles F. Meachum
Jonathan Walker as Louis Dobbler
Justin Louis as Howard Purnell
Tate Donovan as Russ Turner
Rade Serbedzija as Michael Sandor
Alan C. Peterson as Officer Stanley Timmons
Lane Garrison as Donnie Fenn
Zak Santiago as Senior Agent
Michael-Ann Connor as Junior Agent

Special Features:
Audio Commentary By Director Antoine Fuqua
Survival of the Fittest: The Making of Shooter
Independence Hall
Deleted Scenes

Other Info:
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
French and Spanish Language
Running Time: 125 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“When respected former Marine scout sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) is pressed into service to stop an assassination attempt against the President, the unthinkable occurs: he’s double-crossed and framed for the attempt. Determined to prove his innocence, the rogue shooter is now in a high-tension race from every law enforcement agency in the country and a shadowy organization that wants him dead. From ‘Training Day’ director Antoine Fuqua comes a gripping film co-starring Danny Glover (‘Lethal Weapon 4’) and Michael Peña (‘World Trade Center’).”

“Shooter” is rated R for strong graphic violence and some language.

I was pretty disappointed by “Shooter.” The film was great looking, featured some good action scenes, and had a great cast. It had everything I typically look for in an action film. Unfortunately, it had a completely unoriginal plot. I can probably name a dozen action movies with identical plots – a former soldier is called back into service, but then ends up getting screwed by his superiors and is forced to kill them off one by one until he’s the last man standing. We’ve seen it before, and I’m sure we’ll see it again. Too bad they didn’t have anything new to add to the formula. Matters weren’t helped by the fact that there were numerous completely unrealistic moments in the film. From the way the government operates to how Swagger is eventually apprehended, it doesn’t make sense and is, quite frankly, stupid. The ending is equally inane, but I can’t get into it without discussing spoilers.

If you can turn off your brain and you’re not too picky about action films, you’ll probably enjoy “Shooter.” Fans of Mark Wahlberg will enjoy it quite a bit, too, as he delivers one of his more memorable performances.

The DVD has a respectable offering of special features. You’ll find your usual audio commentary by Director Antoine Fuqua. “Survival of the Fittest: The Making of Shooter” is the centerpiece of the bonus features. It is 21 minutes long and covers the adaptation of the book, training Wahlberg to shoot, casting, and more. “Independence Hall” isn’t really related to the movie. It features the national landmark in Philadelphia and discusses its history. It’s interesting, but not really related to the making of the film. Rounding things out are some Deleted Scenes. They run 12 minutes and feature Nick being hazed by his co-workers, Swagger buying supplies at a store, and a few other minor scenes.