Krypto the Superdog: Super Pets Unleashed


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Rating: Not Rated

Sam Vincent as Krypto (voice)
Brian Drummond as Streaky (voice)
Nicole Bouma as Cat Agent Snooky Wookums (voice)
Michael Daingerfield as Superman (voice)
Trevor Devall as Hot Dog (voice)
Brian Dobson as Lex Luthor (voice)
Michael Dobson as Bulldog (voice)
Alberto Ghisi as Kevin Whitney (voice)
Peter Kelamis as Tail Terrier (voice)
Ellen Kennedy as Brainy Barker (voice)
Terry Klassen as Tusky Husky(voice)
Scott McNeil as Ignatius, Ace the Bathound (voice)
Mark Oliver as Mekanikat (voice)
Nicole Oliver as Kevin’s Mom (voice)
Kelly Sheridan as Mammoth Mutt (voice)
Tabitha St. Germain as Andrea, Melanie (voice)
Dale Wilson as Paw Pooch (voice)

Special Features:
Power Up! A Rrrrousin Rrrrundown of Krypto’s Special Powers!

Other Info:
English Surround Stereo
French and Spanish Languages
French and Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 110 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Our heroic hound takes more bites out of cosmic crime!

Krypto may be cold as steel to the bad guys but he’ll warm your heart with his loyalty to his proud owner Kevin and his new pals. He starts with the cat next door, to whom he teaches a valuable lesson about being a hero in The Streaky Story. Babies love Krypto too after a teleporter gets stuck in Melanie’s diaper and it’s up to Krypto to clean up the mess in Diaper Madness. It’s neighborly rescue time again when Streaky finds Mechanicat back on the prowl in Feline Fatale. Next, Kevin sees what it’s like to walk in Krypto’s paws when red Kryptonite switches their bodies in Dog-Gone Kevin. An Krypto teams up with Batman’s dog Ace as the caped canines out-trick The Joker’s heinous hyenas in The Dark Hound Strikes!”

“Krypto the Superdog: Super Pets Unleashed” is not rated.

Let’s face it, the idea of a Super-Dog is a pretty dumb idea. It was fallout from an era of comics that churned out a lot of stupid super-animals. But that being said, this is a fantastic cartoon for young children. I have kids in Preschool through 2nd Grade and they absolutely love Krypto (and Streaky the Super Cat). I don’t know exactly what the appeal is, but they can’t get enough Krypto. Personally as a comic fan I like seeing how they manage to connect the animals to their comic book counterparts. There’s Batman’s dog, the Joker’s hyenas, Lex Luthor’s iguana, and more. The stories are cute, funny, and clever. If you have kids and they like superheroes, they’ll love Krypto the Superdog. Unfortunately this DVD only has five episodes, so you’ll have to wait a while to get the full season. There’s also only one bonus feature on the DVD and it’s simply a rundown of Krypto’s powers.

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