Edward Scissorhands – Anniversary Edition


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Rating: PG-13

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder as Kim
Dianne Wiest as Peg
Anthony Michael Hall as Jim
Kathy Baker as Joyce
Robert Oliveri as Kevin
Conchata Ferrell as Helen
Caroline Aaron as Marge
Dick Anthony Williams as Officer Allen
O-Lan Jones as Esmeralda
Vincent Price as The Inventor
Alan Arkin as Bill
Susan Blommaert as Tinka
Linda Perri as Cissy
John Davidson as Host-TV

Special Features:
Audio Commentary Tracks by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman


Concept Art

Original Theatrical Trailer

TV Spots

Other Info:
Widescreen (1.85:1)
Dolby 4.0 Surround Sound
French Language
Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 105 Minutes

Edward Scissorhands was originally released in 1990. The following is from the cover of the DVD:

“Once upon a time in a castle high on a hill lived an inventor whose greatest creation was named Edward. Although Edward had an irresistible charm, he wasn’t quite perfect. The inventor’s sudden death left him unfinished, with sharp shears of metal for hands. Edward lived alone in the darkness until one day a kind Avon lady took him home to live with her family. So began Edward’s fantastical adventures in a pastel paradise known as Suburbia. From Tim Burton comes an unforgettable fairy tale starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest and Vincent Price as the Inventor.”

Edward Scissorhands is rated PG-13.

When Edward Scissorhands was first released in 1990, I dragged a group of my friends to see it. I was interested in the movie simply because it was from Tim Burton, but they needed a bit more convincing. After they saw it, my friends really fell in love with the movie, despite initially balking at the oddball concept. Edward Scissorhands is a true modern day fairy tale. The concept is so off the wall that it could only have been pulled off by Burton. But the real star of the film is Johnny Depp. This role really convinced me that he could play any character in the world and do so convincingly. He hasn’t proven me wrong since. None of Depp’s roles are like the other. You don’t see Edward Scissorhands and think of Ed Wood, Captain Jack Sparrow, or Willy Wonka. If you’re a fan of his more recent films, you’ll want to see this if you haven’t already.

Despite this being an Anniversary Edition DVD, the bonus features aren’t all that great. There are good commentaries by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, but little else. There’s a vintage “making of” featurette containing some behind the scenes footage and some brief interviews, but nothing that really goes that in-depth. The bonus features are rounded out by your standard TV spots, trailers, and galleries. If you already own Edward Scissorhands, you’re not missing anything.

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