The Muppet Movie – Kermit’s 50th Anniversary Edition


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Rating: G

Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog/Rowlf/Dr. Teeth/Waldorf/Doglion/Link Hogthrob (uncredited)/Swedish Chef (uncredited)/Doc Hopper’s Men (uncredited) (voice)

Frank Oz as Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Animal/Sam the Eagle/Marvin Suggs/Swedish Chef (hands)/Motorcycle Guy (uncredited)/Voices of Doc Hopper’s Men (uncredited) (voice)

Richard Hunt as Scooter/Statler/Janice/Sweetums/Beaker (voice)

Jerry Nelson as Floyd Pepper/Robin the Frog/Crazy Harry/Lew Zealand/Camilla/Dr.
Bunsen Honeydew (assistant) (uncredited) (voice)

Dave Goelz as The Great Gonzo/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew/Zoot/Fozzie Bear (assistant)/Doc Hopper’s Men (uncredited) (voice)

Charles Durning as Doc Hopper

Austin Pendleton as Max

Edgar Bergen as Himself/Charlie McCarthy (uncredited) (Special Guest Star) (voice)

Milton Berle as Mad Man Mooney (Special Guest Star)

Mel Brooks as Professor Max Krassman (uncrddited) (Special Guest Star)

James Coburn as El Sleezo Cafe Owner (Special Guest Star)

Dom DeLuise as Bernie the Agent (Special Guest Star)

Elliott Gould as Beauty Contest Compere (Special Guest Star)

Bob Hope as Ice Cream Vendor (Special Guest Star)

Madeline Kahnas El Sleezo Patron (Special Guest Star)

Special Features:
Pepe Profiles Presents — Kermit: A Frog’s Life: Pepe the King Prawn takes an insider’s look at the life and times of Kermit the Frog.

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Widescreen (1.85:1)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Running Time: 95 Minutes

The Muppet Movie was originally released in 1979. The following is from the official description of the DVD:

“They’re irreverent, irrepressible, and downright irresistible. They’re the Muppets! — starring in their first full-length movie. See how their meteoric rise to fame and fortune began: with a rainbow, a song . . . and a Frog. After a fateful meeting with a big-time talent agent, Kermit the Frog heads for Hollywood dreaming of showbiz. Along the way, Fozzie Bear, the Great Gonzo, and the dazzling Miss Piggy join him in hopes of becoming film stars too. But all bets are off when Kermit falls into the clutches of Doc Hopper (Charles Durning), a fast-food mogul seeking to promote his French-fried frog-leg franchise! Featuring Oscar®-nominated music (1980, Best Original Song “The Rainbow Connection,” Best Original Score) and side-splitting appearances by some of the biggest names on the silver screen — including Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, Orson Welles, and more! –-this fully restored and remastered 50th Anniversary Edition of The Muppet Movie is a critically acclaimed comedy classic your family will treasure for all time.”

The Muppet Movie is rated G.

The Muppet Movie is one of those films that I loved from my childhood. I popped it in the DVD player and watched it with my kids and it was still a lot of fun. The jokes are still hilarious, the songs are fantastic, and the guest stars are perfect. My favorite is still Steve Martin as the snobby waiter. The film still holds up with kids today. My kids sat down and watched the whole thing. They particularly loved Animal. Who doesn’t? Anyway, going back and watching this Muppet Movie makes me realize just how much better it is than the more recent Muppet films.

Unfortunately, this DVD is really light on the bonus features. The only one is Pepe the Prawn doing a profile of Kermit. While it’s rather short, it’s still quite funny and it features many of the Muppet characters giving their thoughts on the lead froggy.

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