George Lucas’ Changes for the Star Wars Saga Blu-rays


George Lucas and Lucasfilm have made more changes to the “Star Wars” films for the September 16 release of “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” on Blu-ray and there’s been an uproar on the internet about the additional tinkering as soon as word leaked out. Thanks to, we now have a list of the changes that were made with the last one, Darth Vader’s “No!…Noooo!”, probably being the most controversial.

First up, in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, the puppet Yoda has been replaced with CGI.

In Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, Ben Kenobi’s Krayt Dragon call audio has been replaced. You can watch the updated clip below:

Also in “A New Hope,” R2-D2 now hides behind rocks that disappear as soon as the Jawas zap him. You can view comparison photos here.

The next four videos are all from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In the first, a Dug is added to Jabba’s Palace.

Next up, Jabba’s door is enhanced to look much larger.

The Ewoks now have eyes that blink.

And Darth Vader’s “No!…Noooo!” yell as Luke is being electrocuted by the Emperor.