Watch 10-Minute Short “TRON: The Next Day”


A new video from the upcoming TRON: Legacy Blu-ray collections (hitting stores on April 5) has leaked online and is titled “TRON: The Next Day.” The 10-minute clip looks to serve as a bridge between TRON: Legacy and possibly more adventures in the franchise. The clip talks about the origins of the Flynn Lives organization and what happens at the end of TRON: Legacy, so it definitely enters spoiler territory for those who haven’t seen the film. A second clip is reportedly a hidden Easter Egg in the Blu-ray and is said to feature Olivia Wilde’s Quorra and Cillian Murphy’s Ed Dillinger Jr.

Made for about $170 million, TRON: Legacy earned $396.3 million in worldwide theaters. While that is an impressive number and DVD/Blu-ray sales are expected to be strong, a third film in the franchise has not been officially announced.

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