The National Treasure: Book of Secrets DVD


Nicolas Cage’s first sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets earned a massive $456.9 million worldwide when it was released in December. The action-adventure, co-starring Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, Ed Harris, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Bruce Greenwood and Helen Mirren, is now coming to DVD on March 20th in three versions – a Single-Disc Edition, a 2-Disc Gold Collector’s Edition, and a Blu-ray Disc.

In the film, the missing pages of a diary hold a secret so explosive it could change the course of history. A search to uncover the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, National Treasure: Book of Secrets is packed with breathtaking stunts, awe-inspiring backdrops and a lightning-paced international treasure hunt. Features on the DVD include: Audio commentary with director Jon Turtletaub and actor Jon Voight; Deleted scenes with introductions by Jon Turtletaub; The Treasure Reel – bloopers & outtakes; Secrets of a sequel; The Book of Secrets: On Location; Street Stunts: Creating the London chase; Inside the Library of Congress; Underground action; Cover Story: Crafting the President’s book; Evolution of a golden city; and Knights of the golden city.’s Steve Chupnick got a chance to travel to London recently to meet up with Justin Bartha and stunt coordinator Steve Dent, who gave a demonstration of how the stunt team blocked out and practiced the barrel scene of the car chase. Steve got to watch both National Treasure and “Book of Secrets” on Blu-ray Disc, the latter of which includes all the DVD bonus features listed above as well as the “Book of History: The Fact and Fiction of NT2” and two additional deleted scenes.

You can watch his exclusive interviews using the players below and we’ve also got an exclusive clip from a bonus feature!




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