From the Set of Dead in Tombstone, Starring Danny Trejo


THE SETUP: was on site for the upcoming western revenge thriller Dead in Tombstone. This Universal Studios Home Entertainment release is available as a digital download on October 8 and hits DVD and Blu-ray October 22. The film stars Danny Trejo (Machete Kills) as Guerrero, leader of the Blackwater Gang of Outlaws. Guerrero finds himself betrayed by his own gang, resulting in his death and a subsequent trip to Hell. However, The Devil (Mickey Rourke) offers Guerrero the chance to escape eternal damnation and return to his hometown – which has been renamed Tombstone – in exchange for the souls of the six men he was betrayed by – including Guerrero’s half brother Red (Anthony Michael Hall).

Directed by Roel Reiné (Death Race 2), Dead in Tombstone is part supernatural thriller, part western and part revenge flick. From what we saw while on set in Bucharest, Romania the three genres, though we aren’t used to seeing them work in concert with one another, appear to blend quite well together.

The Romania-based Castel Productions served as the production company for Dead in Tombstone. Castel’s soundstages have been used for a number of high-profile films. In fact, one that was used for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was repurposed to become the mine tunnel set for Dead in Tombstone.


Danny Trejo is right at home playing Guerrero. The part of a man seeking vigilante justice is one he has grown quite familiar with by way of films like Machete and Machete Kills.

Mickey Rourke plays The Devil. When we arrived on the scene, Rourke had already wrapped his portion of the film, but we had access to all of the other leads.

Anthony Michael Hall stars as Red, a role that is completely opposite of what he is known for. We’ve seen him play the nice guy in the vast majority of past projects, but in “Tombstone” he’s a real ass kicker. While observing Hall on set, he seemed to be assimilating to the change of pace with ease.

Dina Meyer portrays Calathea, the prim and proper wife of the town sheriff. As the plot unfolds, however, Calathea finds herself becoming intertwined with Guerrero and his band of outlaws and before long; she learns that she is not so prim, nor so proper.


While on set in April 2012, we got a first-hand look at a couple of different scenes being filmed. The first: A prison riot finds Red (Hall) caught up in the middle of the brawling action and kicking a little ass. He was throwing down on another inmate in the prison yard and fists were flying.

We were also on site to check out what goes on behind the scenes while creating an onscreen explosion. The setup for this pyrotechnic effect also took place on the prison yard set; we watched as two stunt men went back and forth on a seesaw-like device to build up maximum velocity to send one of the characters flying through the air as a result of the blast. Once the optimal momentum was built up, one of the guys went flying about 15 feet up in the air and landed on an inflatable cushion a considerable distance away from the seesaw type device.


In the video interviews below you can check out our conversations with several of the key players from Dead in Tombstone. We got the lowdown from Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer and the film’s director Roel Reiné. The cast and director gave us details on the film’s supernatural overtones, the level of violence we should expect, and much more!

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