The Five Movies And TV Shows Inspired By The OJ Simpson Trial


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The five movies and TV shows inspired by the OJ Simpson trial noticed that, throughout the late 1990s, plenty of TV shows and feature films drew from one of the biggest news story of the decade. Check out our findings in the gallery below!

Back in the 1990s, the trial of OJ Simpson proved to be the most gripping and newsworthy event of the century. Completely changing the way the news treated celebrities on trial, the proceedings were broadcast on live television for all to see (and all to theorize about). In the end, OJ Simpson was found not guilty, but the entire ordeal was big enough to inspire all kinds of filmmakers and television showrunners.

The murder in question was horrific, of course, but the trial was just as well-known as it stretched on and on. For this reason, the OJ trial managed to inspire new stories revolving around court cases and unimaginable crimes. From David Lynch to Ben Stiller to Jerry Seinfeld to the actual prosecutor herself, Marcia Clark, these are the movies and TV shows most obviously inspired by the OJ Simpson trial.