tragic music biopics

The 7 Most Tragic Musician Biopics has decided to check out some of the best musician biopics from the past. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

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All too often, a musician’s life can consist of tragedy after tragedy. It’s impossible to tell if these sorts of horrible happenings are drawn to stardom or if these creative types are simply equal parts lucky and unlucky, but one thing remains fact: that there are plenty of examples of singers, artists, and instrumentalists who lived horrible lives despite their massive successes.

It seems a little exploitative to take advantage of these tragedies for financial gain, but it happens all the time in the feature film industry. For whatever reason, producers seem to feel that these stories make for great movies. While that does tend to be the case oftentimes, that doesn’t make it okay. These are some of the best instances of biographical features about musicians who lived incredibly sad lives.

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