10 Superhero Movies With Similar Plots


superhero movies with similar plots

10 superhero movies with similar plots

Comingsoon.net is noticing plenty of similarities in a bunch of 21st century superhero movies. Check out our findings in the gallery below!

With more than a handful of superhero movies every year, at least three being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and at least two being a part of the DC Extended Universe (with a few Sony Marvels and Fox Marvels thrown in as well), there’s no doubt going to be some overlap from time to time. Call it lazy storytelling, call it the McDonaldization of blockbuster filmmaking, heck, call it just plain insulting—this goes beyond recycling Joseph Campbell’s model of the hero’s journey. Studios tread the same ground over and over and cross their fingers their audiences won’t notice.

Judging by how successful superhero movies have been in the digital age of the 21st century, it’s no doubt that those crossed fingers have yielded great results for Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, 20th Century Fox, and plenty of other studios, too. Don’t worry, though—we’ve seen right through it and are bringing it to your attention now. Don’t let them pander to you anymore. Demand better stories. Go see some original films.

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