Fullmetal Alchemist Gets Two New Live-Action Films

Final Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Film Gets Trailer

A new trailer for the live-action film Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Last Transmutation has been released, highlighting the upcoming final battle in the series.

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The film’s trailer picks up almost immediately from where the previous movie released this year, Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Avenger Scar, left off, with Hohenheim and Father conversing. The trailer then goes through a variety of action scenes, culminating in a battle between Edward Elric and Scar.

Check out the trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Last Transmutation below:

Both films see the return of the cast from the very first live-action film based on the series, including Ryōsuke Yamada as Edward Elric, Atomu Mizuishi as Alphonse Elric (voice and motion capture), Tsubasa Honda as Roy Mustang, Misako Renbutsu as Riza Hawkeye, Kanata Hongou as Envy, Ryuta Sato as Maes Hughes, and Shinji Uchiyama as Gluttony. New cast members for the film include:

  • Mackenyu Arata as Scar
  • Yuina Kuroshima as Lan Fan
  • Keisuke Watanabe as Ling Yao
  • Yuki Yamada as Solf J. Kimblee
  • Hiroshi Tachi as King Bradley
  • Kōji Yamamoto as Alex Louis Armstrong
  • Chiaki Kuriyama as Olivier Mira Armstrong
  • Seiyō Uchino as Van Hohenheim
  • Yukie Nakama as Trisha Elric
  • Jun Fubuki as Pinako Rockbell
  • Naohito Fujiki as Yuriy Rockbell
  • Kaoru Okunuki as Sarah Rockbell
  • Kokoro Terada as Selim Bradley
  • Long Meng Rou as May Chang
  • Haruhi Ryо̄ga as Izumi Curtis

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Avenger Scar opened on May 20, 2022, and features a storyline that sees protagonist Edward Elric face off against Scar. The second film, Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Last Transmutation, will open on June 24, 2022, and will depict the final battle from the Fullmetal Alchemist series.


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