Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 4 Release Date & Time

Ichigo and Quilge continue their battle. Meanwhile, Uryu does some research in an attempt to find some answers about the recent happenings. Here are the details for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 4 titled “Kill the Shadow.”

When Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 4 Releases

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 4 releases on Monday, October 31. In Japan, the episode will be out at 12 a.m. JST on Tuesday, November 1.

Disney+ and Hulu are simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available 30 minutes after it airs in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule would be:

  • 11:30 a.m. ET
  • 10:30 a.m. CT
  • 8:30 a.m. PT

Where to Watch Bleach

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 3 Recap

Quilge says Ichigo is noted as a “special threat.” He also confirms that they are Quincies. Meanwhile, Genryusai commands the Squad Captains to prepare for war. Ichigo and Quilge continue fighting, and Ichigo mentions that Quilge’s arrows are stronger than Uryu’s. Quilge says that’s not possible but doesn’t elaborate further. He then switches to the Quincy Voll Stern Dich form. Elsewhere, Yhwach receives a report that Quilge is fighting Ichigo. He tells his soldiers to prepare to invade the Soul Society.

While fighting, Quilge explains that the Quincy Letz Stile died 200 years ago. There is a great difference in its power now. Before Quilge launches a big attack, a monster appears and punches him. It turns out to be a powerful monster named Ayon, formed from the fusion of Tres Bestia’s left arms. Ayon manages to land some hits on Quilge. Meanwhile, Uryu is researching what’s currently happening. At the Shoryu Gate entrance, Ryunosuke asks Shino if she knows why Soul Reapers and Quincies are clashing despite having the same goal. Kajomaru joins the conversation and explains the difference between Soul Reapers and Quincies when it comes to eliminating Hollows. Furthermore, due to recent events, there is a risk of the balance of souls getting destroyed.

At the barracks, Genryusai summons Kurotsuchi. He scolds Kurotsuchi for what happened in Rukon District. Kurotsuchi responds by saying Genryusai caused the current events because he failed to kill Yhwach a thousand years ago. Back at Hueco Mundo, Ayon beats up Quilge, but the latter survives. Meanwhile, Uryu finds his master’s book and asks Ryuken if the contents are true. On the other hand, the Wandenreich begin their attack.


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