American Horror Story Season 2 Sees the Return of Zachary Quinto


Zachary Quinto is back for “American Horror Story” season 2, says Deadline.

This confirmation comes on the heels of yesterday’s news that Jessica Lange will return, however, as another character. Like Lange, Quinto will be slipping into a new role.

He’ll be one of the show’s male leads next season, furthermore, a nemesis to Lange’s character.

Excellent to hear. Quinto and Lange both chewed the scenery in equal measures in “American Horror Story’s” first season. We can’t wait to see what Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk do this time.

Season 2 will pick up on the East Coast and tell an entirely different story.

UPDATE: EW adds that Evan Peters (“Tate”), Sarah Paulson (“Billie Dean Howard”) and Lily Rabe (“Nora Montgomery”) are all returning for the second season… once again, as new characters.

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