The Eleventh Commandment Heads to Television


New Franchise Media Inc. has announced plans to adapt the Jeffrey Archer bestseller, The Eleventh Commandment, into an ongoing television series. Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, “The Walking Dead”) is attached to produce through Valhalla Entertainment. The official description for the series is as follows:

In The Eleventh Commandment, Connor Fitzgerald is the CIA’s most deadly assassin, hiding the details of his career from his family. Only days from his retirement from the Agency, he comes across an enemy he cannot handle, the Director of the CIA, bent on making Connor the fall guy for a phony assassination on a Russian presidential candidate that could inadvertently trigger World War III.

“Jeffrey Archer’s storytelling is compelling, character driven and perfect for television-full of fast-paced, high-stakes danger,” Hurd announced in the press release, “I’m thrilled to bring his books and the adventures of Connor Fitzgerald to life for audiences.”

“Like Jeffrey Archer’s page-turning novels, which are always a guaranteed good read, this TV series will entertain with its unexpected twists and compelling characters that will keep you hooked,” added NFMI CEO Jeffrey Steiner, “We plan for event television with that must-see factor.”

Archer himself also weighed in with his thoughts on seeing his book brought to the small screen:

“Gale Anne Hurd’s amazing pedigree in bringing action-oriented entertainment to the screen puts her among the best in the business,” he said, “I am delighted to be working with her.”

There is currently no announced timeline for production, but a pilot could be prepared to air as early as next year.