NBC’s in Tune with Jared Bush’s Soundtrack


NBC is developing writer Jared Bush’s music-themed drama project “Soundtrack,” reports Variety. The hourlong script revolves around a misguided man whose life begins being accompanied by the music in his head.

In “Soundtrack,” the lead character has lost his job and his ex-girlfriend has gotten engaged to someone else. That’s when he starts to hear the music — the same, iconic song, over and over again, which doesn’t go away until he figures out its significance — and then it’s on to the next track.

“I was trying to find a way to combine TV and music in an organic way,” Bush said. “What we come to realize in the show is this guy has been given an opportunity to start his life over, and this music will help him find a way to become truly happy.”

Bush’s TV credits include “All of Us,” “Baby Bob” and “Still Standing.” More recently, he’s been busy in the features world, writing the movie Giants for Sony and doing a rewrite of American Neurotic.