Production Resumes on Family Guy


Production has finally begun on the sixth season of Fox’s animated smash “Family Guy,” 2 1/2 months after the show’s writers were told not to report to work, says Variety.

“Family Guy” writers were informed Tuesday that the doors had been unlocked, and they returned to the writers’ room for the first time Wednesday.

Work was halted on “Family Guy” last fall as talks between producer 20th Century Fox TV and series creator Seth MacFarlane on an overall deal had reached an impasse.

Although MacFarlane’s deal wasn’t up for several more months, studio executives didn’t want to start production only to halt later if for some reason a deal wasn’t struck. Twentieth brass also hoped to push along negotiations, which had progressed slowly for more than a year.

Decision to bring the “Family Guy” scribes back to work is a signal that progress has finally been made in mapping out a new deal for MacFarlane at 20th.