Community May Find its Sixth Season on Hulu


Fears that “Community” fans have entered “the darkest timeline” following word of the series’ cancellation last month should be somewhat alleviated today as Deadline reports that early talks have begun to give the show a sixth season on Hulu.

“We’ll definitely be back next year,” Danny Pudi’s Abed told audiences at the very end of the season five finale, “and, if not, its because an asteroid has destroyed all of human civilization. And that’s canon.”

Creator Dan Harmon recently addressed concerns regarding such an extinction level event on his blog.

“I will confess, however,” he writes, “that when Sony called me on Friday with the news, there was brief discussion at the end of the call about the concept of the show living elsewhere, and I was definitely in the ‘eh’ column. For a million reasons, some selfish, some creative, one logistic, five sexual, three racist (in a good way) and, oddly, nine isometric. I won’t bore you with them. I mean, of course I will bore you with them. Boring you is my job, my hobby and my passion. But it doesn’t matter right now WHY I’d be lukewarm or if my reasons would be valid, what matters is, I won’t be lukewarm. I’ll heat up. I said ‘eh’ on a Friday afternoon, I will change it to a ‘sure, let’s talk’ on Monday morning and Sony can do their thing. I’m not going to be the guy that recancels cancelled ‘Community’.”

Also starring Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, John Oliver, Jim Rash, Jonathan Banks and Ken Jeong, “Community” has proven to have a dedicated fanbase that has long championed the goal of “six seasons and movie.”

The final scene of the fifth season finale poked fun at NBC’s television track record with a faux ad parodying the network. You can check it out in the player below, courtesy of Hulu: