Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Recap



Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Recap

We don’t have to wait long to check in on Jon Snow. Ghost’s panicked growls wake Davos, who finds Jon dead beneath a sign that reads “Traitor.” With the help of a few other men, they rush him inside and lay him out. Davos knows Alliser did this, but he doesn’t quite know what the next move should be. Melisandre comes in and admits she saw him in the flames. “He is gone,” proclaims Davos. Melisandre brushes his cheek.

Alliser has gathered the rest of the Night’s Watch and freely admits that he and other leaders murdered Jon Snow. “We committed treason,” he says, and though he had no love for Jon, he “never disobeyed an order.” He is sure that Jon thought what he was doing, giving land to the wildlings, was right, but Alliser believes it would have brought an end to the Night’s Watch and ultimately, that is where his loyalty lies.

Ghost misses his master. Davos is concerned about what happens next. They don’t have the numbers to reclaim the castle, and Edd has left to find reinforcements. Alliser takes an offer to Davos – through the door, of course. Alliser will grant amnesty to all the men who throw down their arms, and will allow Davos to travel south as a free man with a fresh horse. Davos also wants mutton, and Alliser promises he will get food, and he can take Melisandre if he wishes. “Surrender by sundown, or there will be blood.” Davos will come back to him with an answer. Davos and his men all agree that if they open the door, they will be slaughtered. Davos considers asking Melisandre for help. The others are doubtful, but he assures them, “You haven’t seen what I have seen the red witch do.” In her room, Melisandre undresses before a mirror, examining herself. Then she removes the necklace giving her magical powers and it is revealed that she is actually a haggard, hunched crone with droopy flesh. She crawls into bed.

Ramsay mourns for Myranda, promising that her pain will be paid for a thousand times over. He decrees she not be burned or buried, but rather fed to the hounds. She is “good meat.” He meets with his father, who compliments him on the victory over Stannis, though he is sure to mention it isn’t as great as his own victory over the Lannisters was. Roose asks after Sansa, and Ramsay assures him that guards are after her. Roose points out that without her, he won’t have an heir, and hints that if his new wife births a boy, he will be next in line.


Sansa and Theon have escaped the castle and are running through the frozen forest. They have to cross a river, and Sansa believes that she will die in the icy water. Theon promises that death is better than being captured. The pair make it across and take a moment to rest inside a hollowed tree. He throws his arms around her, holding her, but the dogs approach. Theon insists that he will distract them, allowing for her to run north. He insists and promises that Jon is commander of Castle Black, and he will protect her.

Theon greets the guards and tells them that Sansa broke her leg in the fall and he left her to die. The dogs don’t believe him, and sniff her out, still in the tree. “I can’t wait to see what part Ramsay cuts off this time,” one of the guards sneers. Brienne and Podrick appear, seemingly from nowhere, and battle the Bolton guards. Podrick handles himself well, killing one guard, but when another has him cornered, Theon comes to the rescue with a sword taken from a fallen guard. With Ramsay’s men dead, Brienne once again kneels before Sansa and offers her protection. This time Sansa accepts.

Cersei is told a ship from Dorne has arrived. She rushes out to meet it, excited to be reunited with her daughter. Instead, she is greeted by a crestfallen Jaime, standing in front of a gold-shrouded body. They mourn together. Cersei believes that Myrcella was good and sweet – nothing like her. “I thought if I could make something so good, maybe I’m not a monster.” Jaime believes that, as her father, he failed her, but Cersei insists the witch warned her about this when she was a child. “It was fate.” Jaime vows that everything that has been taken from them, they will take back – and more.

Margaery is still imprisoned, and being proselytized to by Unella. She wants to see Loras, but Unella won’t allow it until she confesses. The High Sparrow dismisses Unella, calling her overzealous. It is not Loras who brings him here, but the king. He misses his queen terribly. Margaery still insists she has nothing to confess, but when pressed, admits no one is perfect. “You have started down the path but have many miles to go.”


In Dorne, Ellaria helps Doran to his throne as he waxes on about his brother. A message is delivered, alerting Doran to Myrcella’s death. He is saddened, but then Tyene stabs Areo dead, and even kills the messenger. The guards don’t intervene, and Ellaria steps in to kill Doran. “You are not a Dornish man. You are not our prince. Your son is weak like you, and weak men will never rule Dorne again.” Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Obara and Nym visit Trystane, still on the boat. They are there to kill him. He is offered his choice of girls to fight, and initially he declines, not desiring to fight his relations. Trystane eventually chooses Nym, but before she can get a single crack of the whip going, Obara stabs him through the face with her lance. “You’re a greedy b*tch, you know that?” Nym snaps, disappointed to have been cheated out of a kill.

In Meereen, Tyrion and Varys are worried that the people are not as happy with Daenerys as they once were. Graffiti suggests Daenerys has abandoned them, and a man preaches to onlookers, asking them to take up her flame while she is gone. Varys assures Tyrion that he has men looking into who organized the Sons of the Harpy attack. Suddenly there are shouts, bells, and people running. Tyrion and Varys fight through the crowd and find the cause of the panic: the entire shipyard, the entire fleet of ships, is ablaze.

Daario and Jorah are still out looking for Daenerys. Jorah’s greyscale is getting worse, but he still keeps it hidden. They discover a huge ring worn into the grass, evidence of a horde. “Dothraki?” Daario asks. Jorah finds Daenerys’ ring in the grass. “They have her.”

Daenerys is being forced at whip-point on a death march with hundreds of Dothraki. The two men who have captured her are fascinated by her white hair and pale skin, and talk about the horrible things they want to do to her. She remains silent, keeping her knowledge of their language secret.


When they arrive at the camp, Daenerys is taken directly to Khal Momo. In perfect Dothraki, she lists her titles. The shock of her skill in the language wears off quickly, and Khal Momo promises she is his slave and will give him a son. Daenerys vows she will not lay with him, nor give him or any others children. Khal Momo likes her spirit, but then Daenerys drops the bomb: she was the wife of Khal Drogo. He releases her, cuts her binds, and apologizes. The Dothraki are forbidden to lie with a Khal’s widow, and vows no one will touch her. She wants to be escorted back to Meereen, but Khal Momo declines. She won’t be raped, but she is expected to live the rest of her days with the other Khal widows.

Finally, Arya is blind and living as a beggar in Braavosi. The Waif comes up to her, taunts her about being a nobody, and tosses her a staff. “Stand and fight,” she commands. Arya begs to be left alone – she can’t see, it’s not fair. The Waif tells her that is not her problem, and starts fighting. The Waif beats the hell out of Arya. “See you tomorrow,” she says and walks away.

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