The UK Trailer for Stitches Introduces You to One Mad Clown

We have the trailer for the UK horror film Stitches for you today.  The film is opening overseas October 26th and is due to hit the U.S. in 2013 from Dark Sky Films.

Conor McMahon directs; he also gave us Dead Meat a few years back.  In his latest effort, Ross Noble plays jaded Richard Grindle, the sleaziest clown working the children

A Look at the Killer Clown of Stitches!

Conor McMahon has officially wrapped work on Stitches, the Dark Sky Films original production shot in Dublin.  Dark Sky spearheaded the film with Fantastic Films and the Irish Film Board, and because shooting is complete, we’ve got a special treat for you.

This revenge tale introduces you to a birthday clown who meets an untimely death.  Tonight, Dark Sky provided us with a first look at said clown.

Click below, because “Stitches Grindle” waits for you inside!