I Saw a Trailer for ‘Pacific Rim’ and, Uh, Yeah

Pacific Rim CES trailer
Photo: Warner Bros.

Last night the following trailer for Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim (7/2) found its way online after it played the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It also just so happens that last night, before my screening of Gangster Squad, the previously released trailer for the film played and I have got to say, if it was supposed to get me to want to see the movie, it failed big time.

Giant, human-controlled robots clashing against alien monsters that have come to Earth via portals in the Earth’s core? Seriously? And their goal is to… what… smash all the bridges? I also noticed in this new trailer the same final scene plays in which one of the robots spins through the air, crashes through a bridge, lands on a shipping container dock and slides to a stop. Wow! Exciting!

Sorry, I’m just not on board with this one. I’ve seen Transformers and I’ve seen Real Steel, neither one impressed me and this looks like it’s got even less to offer.

The person sitting next to me during the screening leaned over and asked, “Who thought that was a good idea?” To which another person replied, “Come on, let’s give Guillermo del Toro a chance.” I’m more than willing to give him a chance, but trailers are supposed to get you to want to see a movie, not want you to run from all the mindless noise, wondering when the pummeling will be complete. Yes, a trailer doesn’t ever present the whole picture, but the picture I’m getting isn’t pretty. Where is the del Toro that made Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone? I want him back!

Perhaps the best part of this new trailer comes at about the 1:04 mark when Qualcomm gets its bit of product placement. I guess it’s at least promising I’m able to make out something considering the rest of the trailer is just sparks, debris and rain.

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