Watch: New ‘The Master’ Trailer Offers Looks at Hoffman and Adams


The Master movie trailer

Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

A second trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master has arrived, this time offering you a first look at Lancaster Dodd, the titular character played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, as well as his wife Mary Sue Dodd played by Amy Adams.

Among the new footage presented here you’re also getting some of the dialogue I saw when the footage was presented at Cannes, most notably Dodd describing himself saying, “I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher, but above all, I am a man. A hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.”

There is still some interesting dialogue left to be heard from Adams that I expect will be featured in the next trailer, noting her distrust in Joaquin Phoenix‘s character Freddie Sutton. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more, however, as we are still a ways from the film’s October 12 release.

Check out the new trailer below and if you haven’t yet watched the first one click here.