The Trailer for The Humbling, Starring Al Pacino


Millennium Entertainment has just released the trailer for director and co-writer Barry Levinson’s The Humbling, starring Al Pacino, Mandy Patinkin, Kyra Sedgwick, Charles Grodin, Dianne Wiest, Greta Gerwig and Louise Trenner. Check it out in the player below!

Based on the book by Philip Roth, The Humbling tells the story of over-the-hill stage actor Simon Axler (Pacino) and his struggle to find his passion for life again. Near his breaking point, he finds motivation in the form of a young and lustful lesbian, Pegeen Stapleford (Gerwig), but as their relationship heats up Simon has a hard time keeping up with the youthful Pegeen.

The Humbling hits both theaters and On Demand January 23, 2015.