Scream 4


Neve Campbell as Sidney
Emma Roberts as Jill
Davie Arquette as Dewey
Courteney Cox as Gale
Hayden Panettiere as Kirby
Marley Shelton as Judy
Rory Culkin as Charlie
Erik Knudsen as Robbie
Nico Tortorella as Trevor

Four chapters in and almost 15 years since the original opened, the Scream franchise still has bite.

In a cannibalistic fashion, the series needs to feed off of its own kind to be relevant and, by the time Scream 3 was released, the series had been exhausted. Thanks to the last ten years of Asian ghost stories, torture horror and remakes, Scream 4 has found a way to make the series relevant again, smartly commenting on not just the genre and itself (or in this case the wildly popular “Stab” films – “Scream’s” cinematic mirror image) but on the sad decline of media-fixated, narcissistic youth. Of the series, this could be the most cynical chapter to date, bringing with it a welcome, subversive message.

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