White Chicks


Marlon Wayans as Marcus Copeland
Shawn Wayans as Kevin Copeland
Jaime King as Heather Vandergeld
Frankie Faison as Section Chief Elliot Gordon
Lochlyn Munro as Agent Jake Harper
John Heard as Warren Vandergeld

As a director, Keenen Ivory Wayans has based most of his career on crude bathroom humor, and White Chicks adds to that reputation. Fortunately for Keenan, bathroom humor tends to sell well and he will probably never be out of a job. Unfortunately, for a lot of movie viewers, we will have to endure the fart/diarrhea/belch jokes while we truly enjoy some of the other humor that Keenan can, and does, use.

White Chicks stars Keenen’s brothers, Marlon and Shawn, as down on their luck FBI agents trying to get back into the good graces of their bosses by taking the undesirable mission of escorting the socialite Wilson sisters. Through an incredibly unlikely turn of events, the Wayans get a gender and racial makeover, taking the place of the Wilson sisters.

It has to be said that Marlon and Shawn look absolutely nothing like Tiffany (Anne Dudek) and Brittany Wilson (Maitland Ward), and that is after the makeup job. No one that has ever met the Wilson sisters would ever believe that Marcus (Marlon) and Kevin (Shawn) are them when they are dressed in the “White Chick” makeup. The movie forces the audience to accept that they look alike, and it takes an almost inhuman ability to suspend disbelief for that to happen. They put on the makeup for the first time less than 15 minutes into the film and it didn’t stop bothering me until close to the end.

Marlon and Shawn are not the greatest of actors. They hit their lines OK here, but neither of them will do anything more substantial than the lowbrow comedy that they are known for. However, the rest of the cast carries the slack from the leads. In particular, Terry Crews (Latrell, the white girl-craving pro basketball player) adds greatly to the film every time he is on screen. He also gets the biggest laugh of the movie.

Technically, there are no real flaws with the movie – other than the already mentioned Wayans makeover. The soundtrack is lively and it also brings a couple of well placed laughs. Almost all of the scenes are shot indoors, so the cinematography is adequate. The couple of special effects that are in the movie are done well.

Who should see this movie? Anyone that likes all of Keenan’s previous work as a director will love this movie. It is more of the same with some original material thrown in. There are a few digs at socialite society, but there could have been many more if there had been fewer potty jokes. People seeking romance will find a couple sub plots involving matters of the heart, while people looking for action can get a laugh at the “socialites” occasionally tackling people and getting into fights. If you are hoping to have a deep meaningful discussion after a movie, you need to look someplace else. Overall, White Chicks is a funny and enjoyable throw-away film. Go to it if you are in need of a laugh, even if you will feel guilty about the laugh afterwards.