Cabin Fever


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Jordan Ladd as Karen
Rider Strong as Paul
James DeBello as Bert
Cerina Vincent as Marcy
Joey Kern as Jeff
Arie Verveen as The Hermit

What good horror movie does not start with a bunch of kids driving off to a lake with a truck full of beer? Cabin Fever is another in a long line of horror movies that uses the isolation of being in a remote area to heighten the fear. This time around we have five college kids headed out to a remote cabin on a lake to blow off steam after finals.

This group has the overly aggressive sexual couple; the nice guy and nice girl that have known each other since kindergarten; and the obnoxious jerk, which no one can figure out why they brought him along. They get out to their cabin on the lake, after a quick stop at general store that is run by back-woods creepy people who warn them of the dangers of the forest.

From there, the movie progresses at a good pace introducing the elements that bring the horror into it. Saying what the real terror is will give too much away, but it is done well and what is worse, feels just real enough that it could happen. There is a very good balance between the horror and humor elements of the movie, and you are never sure if the next thing will make you laugh or jump in your seat.

The film was made with a low budget, but there are only a couple of scenes where you can tell that they were limited with what they could do. Most of the worst violence is done off screen, making it feel even more creepy since your mind will fill in the blanks with a lot worse action than the movie can display.

Who should see this movie? Fans of horror movies will find a gem here. It has the same feel as Evil Dead – the right mix of humor and horror with a slightly larger budget. There is little in the way of romance or thought here. It is a “sit back and watch the horror” movie. There is little action, but it does get your heart racing at times. While there is a bit of blood and some of the scenes are a little disturbing, it is not a gross out horror movie. It uses suspense more than shock value.

All in all a good date movie, especially if you have a date that is inclined to jump into your lap.