Vin Diesel’s Hannibal the Conqueror Trilogy Moving Forward?


There’s some exciting news today for Vin Diesel fans as the star has just announced, via his Facebook page, that his long-awaited Hannibal the Conqueror is close to moving forward at a mystery studio.

“When a dream is born in your childhood,” Diesel writes, “When you spend a decade daring to pursue it… The day, a head of a studio says… ‘I want to make all three films of your Hannibal trilogy!’ Haha… It takes a minute to sink in… Shhhhh… it’s still sinking in.”

Diesel has, for years, wanted to make his big screen directorial debut with the project in which he’ll also play the leading role of Carthaginian military commander Hannibal Barca. Of course, details are very few at this stage and much could still change, but the tale has long been a passion project for Diesel and fans should be pleased to hear that it sounds like it will be hitting the big screen sooner rather than later.

Diesel can be seen on the big screen next year, reprising two major franchise roles. He’ll be back as Dom Toretto in Fast & Furious 6 and as the title character in David Twohy’s Riddick.

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