Bryan Singer Steps Into The Twilight Zone


Although a new feature film version of the property is also currently in development at Warner Bros., CBS TV Studios is planning on making a return visit to “The Twilight Zone” on the small screen and today, Deadline reports that Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) is in talks to potentially develop, direct and executive produce.

The original “Twilight Zone” series ran for five seasons starting in 1959 on CBS, with Rod Serling creating the series and writing more than half of the 156 episodes. Steven Spielberg and John Landis produced and directed segments for the 1983 WB feature film, Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Singer’s next big screen film, Jack the Giant Slayer hits theaters March 1, 2013 while production gets ready to mount on his X-Men: Days of Future Past, scheduled for release on July 18, 2014.

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