True Story Collar Bomb Heist Planned for Feature


Mythology Entertainment and Anyway Entertainment have announced to Deadline plans to develop Collar Bomb Heist, based on the tragic true story of Brian Wells, a pizza delivery man allegedly forced to rob a bank with a bomb strapped around his neck. The film version is based on the forthcoming nonfiction book, “Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of Most Shocking Bank Robbery.” Written by Jerry Clark and Ed Palattella, the book is officially described as follows:

On August 28, 2003, in the suburbs of Erie, Pennsylvania, a pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells robbed a bank with a time bomb locked around his neck. He said a group of men accosted him and forced him to carry out the heist. After delivering the money, he would receive clues to help him disarm the bomb. It was one of the most diabolical bank-robbery schemes in history, known by the FBI as COLLARBOMB, Major Case #203.

It did not go according to plan.

Wells, picked up by police shortly after the robbery, never had time to find the clues he needed. Investigating the crime after his grisly death, the FBI ultimately discovered that Wells was not, in fact, an innocent victim. He was merely the first co-conspirator to fall in a bizarre trail of death following the crime.

Jerry Clark, the lead FBI Special Agent who cracked what became known as the Pizza Bomber case, and Erie Times-News investigative reporter Ed Palattella, who followed it from the beginning, tell the complete story, from the inside, for the first time.

There’s no talent currently attached to the film version, but check back for details as they become available.