Douglas Aarniokoski Talks Nurse 3D

ON caught up with The Day director Douglas Aarniokoski and managed an update on his next project, Nurse 3D.

Shot last year in Toronto, the film features a cast which includes Paz De La Huerta, Katrina Bowden (Piranha 3DD), Judd Nelson and Boris Kodjo. De La Huerta plays a woman who is a nurse by day and a killer at night, someone who uses her sexuality to lure and slaughter cheating men.

To date, two teaser posters have been released by Lionsgate, the first featuring the film’s leading lady naked and covered in blood. The second being a close-up of, presumably, her bare breast and a man’s mouth hovering just before her nipple. With Aarniokoski in the interview hot seat, they asked: “Does ‘Nurse 3D’ live up to those crazy teasers?

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