David Lynch to Direct Duran Duran Unstaged


In a creative team-up that no one was expecting, David Lynch is set to direct a live-streaming performance of Duran Duran as part of the launch of the second year of “Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express.”

The performance is set for a live-stream at 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT at www.YouTube.com/DuranDuranVEVO on March 23rd and will bring together all four original members of Duran Duran (Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor) at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.

“The idea is to try and create on the fly,” says Lynch, “layers of images permeating Duran Duran on the stage. A world of experimentation and hopefully some happy accidents.”

“We are all beyond delighted that David Lynch has agreed to direct this show for us,” says Le Bon, “It’s a dream come true quite frankly. We are all such fans of his work and think he has a creative vision like no other. In talking to him about what he is planning, we all believe this live-streamed performance is going to look nothing like anyone has ever seen before. We can’t wait.”

Lynch’s last feature was 2006’s Inland Empire and has, since then, dedicated his time primarily to internet shorts and voicing Gus the Bartender on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show.”