UPDATE: John Travolta to Star in Gotti


John Travolta appears to be the leading candidate to headline Gotti and will likely star as the titular crime boss, EW is reporting.

As mentioned last December, Nick Cassavetes is still in talks to direct the project, which adapts Gotti’s life as a biopic from the point of view of his son, John Gotti, Jr.

The rights to the story, which, in reality ended with the death of Gotti in prison in 2002, are held by Marc Fiore and his Fiore Films where actor Leo Rossi is said be supplying the screenplay.

The film which will presumably span Gotti’s rise to power in the last two decades of the 20th century, and is expected to go into production sometime this year.

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed that John Travolta will play John Gotti Jr. in the biopic, titled “Gotti: Three Generations.”